Reading the Global Mind

With Social Intelligence

QSearch allows you to understand the social attitude, to find influencers, and to manage public opinion, wether it’s for branding for commercial advantage, or influence operation for non-commercial outcome.


QSearch helps businesses and governments analyze social media, discussion forums, and news media through BigData and statistical tools. We produces real-time opinion research, brand management, social crisis mitigation and we specialize in multi-platform data integration and analysis, with advanced website tracking and impact indexing.


Monitoring over 92% of all public social data across Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram in your country or other countries, you can instantly search and get a complete view of society. With our comprehensive training, your team can be trained and be armed with the most powerful strategies validated by the most comprehensive data.

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Social Crisis

See industry and marketing trends in real-time. Develop a crystal clear map of the competitive landscape, benchmark business competitors, and audit your partner’s effort. Decision-based on data, document success, and decrease mistakes because of incomplete data.

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Instant Digital Empathy

Be alerted whenever the public attitudes change to manage an emerging crisis or to exploit rising opportunities, then deep dive into the topic, influencers, or channels that are affecting society’s impression and attitude.

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