How issue starts, propagate, mutate

Our research service answer the question of how an social issue, start, propagate, cross over into broadcast media. Using QSearch Trend+, we analyze a complete record of virality, from the originator, broadcaster, and mutation to help our client understand how the digital issue affects society. By understand and track an issue, we provide the basis for management, mitigation and extermination of the topic.

Political Issue Analysis

Calculating Issues' Compatibility with Political Action

Political organizations need action insight and digital empathy to execute their policies and persuasion. QSearch Trend+ allows a complete view of the engagement space, how issues are being used by different parties, and potential for adjacent issues or in-depth action. With solid data, political victories are based on science, not intuition.

Policy and Propagation

Before a policy is launched, the polity needs to evaluate the argument and content, and after it is launched. it needs data to help maximize compliance and adoption while minimizing pushback. We help with inception to implementation with track and management of the public opinion.

Media Management

In-depth reporting

Social Media has become an essential space that traditional media focuses on. In developing in-depth stories, QSearch provides massive data, help directs editorial framework and direction while complementing traditional journalist to create more complete reports.

Objective data verification

Media has very strict requirements for data sourcing and verification, but Social Media has been unable to provide these until now.
QSearch collects massive data from social platforms, provides relevant social data inexpensively to help media interrogation of reporting's objectivity, truthfulness and relevancy.