Social Branding Management

Use BigData to listen in on your audience's conversation, establish useful dialogue and remove the distance between you and your audience.

Social Brand Management is not just about promotion or sales. Social media technology enables dialogue, interaction, and feedback. To improve consumer experience and increase brand loyal, the right action must be guided by data-based trends and feedback. QSearch moves the need for repetitive data management routines and presents the insight at your fingertips.

QSearch Trend+ uses keyword/keyphrase to monitor platforms and fan pages to show the trending topic both on the broad level (country) and on the focused level (genre, product, lifestyle.)
Our objective data analysis and visualization tools let you discover indirect factors to opportunities and pathways to influence.
We have trained thousands of corporate communication staff on implementing our tool and inshght for corporate success.


Strategic Management, Customer Relation Management

The rapid change of social media is also creating gaps between the brand and consumers. To survive the digital divide, organizations must adopt new tools and new operations.
Creating the right strategy, establishing trust with customers relies on deep analysis of consumer attitude, decision path, and trust. We use technology to help you understand what influences the consumer so you can manage strategy and trust.

Monitor the Competition

No strategy survives competition unless monitoring the competition's strategy and actions is part of the strategy. QSearch Trend+ has been used to benchmark the industry's performance, benchmark the competition, and help create a strategy to create new categories and to persuade the competition's followers to switch.