Social Crisis Management and Training

In the Social Media age, crisis can have the maximum impact in the shortest time. QSearch Alert+ automatically monitors social media platform for issues you care about, and alert you on specific conditions so you never miss a meaningful change in public sentiment without being overwhelmed by unimportant mentions. The timely and relevant alert on potential crisis is the first step to crisis management in the Social media age.

Newest Data and Sentiment

QSearch Alert+ monitors Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Forum, and Media all in one platform. Our customize alert system lets you choose notifications based on the volume of discussion, sentiment changes, or many other metrics. Receive the notice as a group email or instant message so you can be in the know.


Understand Cause and Effect

QSearch Trend+ puts your alert in the context of the overall social discussion so you are more ready to manage the crisis with a 360 view of the public opinion instead of creating a response that will make the situation worse.
We provide full training for the communication team on how to manage social crises with tools, strategies, and live drills.

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