Trend+ Searchable Social Database

Get a global view of social media and discover opportunities with insight and pattern.

Trends+ automatically collects over 94% of all publicly available social media data from Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and influential websites. Your team can run over 1 million searches on our platform every month.

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Social Impact Analysis

See industry and marketing trends in real-time. Develop a crystal clear map of the competitive landscape, benchmark business competitors, and audit your partner’s effort. Decision-based on data, document success, and decrease mistakes because of incomplete data.

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Instant Digital Empathy

Be alerted whenever the public attitudes change to manage an emerging crisis or to exploit rising opportunities, then deep dive into the topic, influencers, or channels that are affecting society’s impression and attitude.

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Rapid summarization with word cloud

Find the important factors from over 10,000 articles in a single graph. Spot the trends among the ocean of words. Make communication decisions in minutes, not hours. See the forest and the trees.

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